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The Musings 8/11/14

Gamescom predictions are on the docket for this week's Musings. Third-party exclusives, ports, and Grand Theft Auto on the Vita? Yep, I'm going there again. So jump in and read about all of the stuff I guess wrong!

Monday Musings 5/26/14 - Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  After a brief pre-holiday hiatus last week, necessitated by my wife's business trip out of town, the Monday Musings are back with a fresh batch of industry observations!  So kick back between rounds of beer and grilled hot dogs, and enjoy this week's slate of thoughts!

Monday Musings 5/17/14: Embarrassingly Late Edition

It's an embarrassingly late edition of the Monday Musings this week, making this the first ever Weekend Musings!  The gaming industry is heating up on the road to E3, and Microsoft has drawn first blood with the introduction of a Kinect-free Xbox One on the horizon.  Also, Transistor is almost out and we weigh in on the Borderlands 2 Vita debate!  Let's get to this week's Musings!

Monday Musings 5/5/14

This week, the Musings tackles Sony's recent indie mega-event, Stealth Inc. 2's Wii U exclusivity, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Lot's of games to talk about to this week, so kick back and enjoy!

Mid-Week Musings 5/1/14

Wow!  Monday Musings spills over into Thursday as the first few days of this week have been jam packed with tons of gaming goodness!  April is riding out with a bang and there's a lot to talk about, so let's get right to it!

Monday Musings

In honor of April Fool's Day, the Musings takes center stage on a day other than Monday!  This week, Phil Spencer is the right man for the Job, April continues the game deluge March started, and let's stop complaining we don't have any games to play! Can you spot the April Fool's Joke within?

Monday Musings

It's another Monday here at Short Pause, so that can only mean one thing... time for another edition of the Musings! Your excitement is palpable (I can feel it from here), so let's not delay any further. On with the ramblings I say!

Monday Musings 3/10/14

It's warming up (i.e. above freezing) here in the mitten (only to subsequently freeze up again on Wednesday), so it's only natural that a fresh Monday Musings follows suit!  My keyboard fingers burn with a fervent yearn to clack, so I guess it's time for me to say random things and hope for the best!  What's knocking around the ol' cranial cavity today?

Monday Musings 3/3/14

March roars in like a lion with a fresh batch of random musings!  Grab a paddle and join me as we row up the stream of consciousness!  Life jackets are optional, but recommended.

This is a big month, gamers!  For all intents and purposes, the next-gen starts in earnest a week from tomorrow with the release of Respawn Entertainment's 10 ton metal behemoth, Titanfall.  Vince Zampella (with an assist from a now departed Jason West) and his team look to once again change the face of multi-player gaming, defining it anew for this next-generation of consoles.