Should  You Watch Haikyu?

Should You Watch Haikyu?



Whether you’re just getting your feet wet, or a veteran viewer of sports anime, Haikyu will leave you wheezing with laughter. You don't even have to like sports at all to watch this. The intense competition and back-breaking dedication presented by this determined volleyball team will surely spark your inner athlete to pick up a sport, or rekindle an old one!



A short starry-eyed freshman dreams of becoming a kick-ass volleyball ace just like his childhood hero. Coming to terms with his natural abilities and a seasoned rival teammate, he finds himself a part of a passionate team with dreams of becoming the best in Japan.

Thumbs Up

  • Great characters and story.
  • Entertaining way to learn about volleyball.
  • Funny? Definitely!
  • Hype? Hell yeah!

Thumbs Down

  • Nothing!


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