PC Gamers Take The Wheel As FlatOut 4 Smashes Its Way Onto Steam In April

PC Gamers Take The Wheel As FlatOut 4 Smashes Its Way Onto Steam In April

MONTREAL – Feb. 16, 2017 – Gamers will soon peel out of starting line as Strategy First proudly reveals FlatOut 4®: Total Insanity for Steam in development by Kylotonn Games. Fans of the legendary FlatOut racing series will experience demolition derby-style racing at its best with the Steam version enhanced to take advantage of the platform’s special features. FlatOut 4®: Total Insanity is set to release worldwide on Steam in April 2017. 

In the Steam version of the game, fans will smash, burn and cause mayhem competitively in both online and offline races. The game’s illustrious nitro boosts let players dominate the race course, while violently ramming into rival racers at breakneck speeds in a wide variety of tracks, arenas and game modes. Player will experience an explosive blend of wild race circuits, outrageous stunts and epic collisions. FlatOut 4®: Total Insanity also includes powerful muscle cars, slick racing cars, intimidating trucks and even the Myko Gusto Rocket Sorbet van.

FlatOut 4®: Total Insanity also features:

·        Customizable Cars: Gamers unlock 27 cars to customize and raceincludingtributes to fan favorites and new additions to the garage;

·        Dynamic Tracks: FlatOut 4: Total Insanity features 20 tracks including traditional derby racing, time trials, arenas, assault levels, carnage levels and much more;

·        Destructible Environments: Vehicular havoc and destruction return to the world of racing with high speed collisions and wild destructible environments;

·        The Legendary Stunt Mode: Six new stunts and six re-imagined classic stunt mini-games await fans in search of epic collisions and death-defying maneuvers;

·        Arena Mode: Three gameplay styles including Death Match, Capture the Flag and Survivor;

·        New Assault Mode: An arsenal of deadly weapons at your disposal to slow or destroy opponents;

·        Multiplayer Mayhem: Competitive local and online modes allow up to eight players to master destruction arenas, race courses and set traps.

·        Thumping Indie Soundtrack:  FlatOut features a global range of amazing indie music tracks

·        Optimized for Steam Platform: Gamers can play the game in Steam’s Big Picture Mode, unlock countless Steam achievements and collect Steam Trading Cards to use for game badges and tradable Steam community items.

About Strategy First

Strategy First celebrating its 27th anniversary is a world-wide publisher of entertainment software for the PC and emerging platforms. The company is known for its proprietary titles such as the award winning FlatOut Racing™, Ghost Master™, Space Empires™ and critically acclaimed 3rd party games S.C.S. Dangerous Waters™ The company provides unique opportunity for independent developers who would like to market and release their games to a worldwide audience. Opportunities include work for hire, financing of a product and general publishing opportunities. Visit us today at www.strategyfirst.com

About Kylotonn

With more than 25 games released on all platforms, from the first generation of consoles to the current fourth generation, Kylotonn has a solid reputation in the video game industry. Composed of racing enthusiasts, our team's strategy is to gradually specialize in the racing games genre. Kylotonn Team: 60 developers - In-house real-time 3D technology: Kt HD

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