1. What's it about?

A bunch of people are dropped onto an island and told to kill each other, if they want to go home.

2. What does this anime remind you of?

The Hunger Games Hunter X Hunter (Hunter Exams Arc in the woods) + LOST.

3. What did you like most/least about it?

I like that it's mature and serious. You'll see blood and body parts. I disliked that the story is unresolved.

4. Who was your favorite/least favorite character?

Ryouta, the main character, would be my favorite. I didn't have a least favorite. There really weren't enough supporting characters to have many choices here.

5. When did you know you liked or disliked this anime?

I knew I liked the anime after the first couple episodes. It didn't take long to get hooked.

6. Where did you watch it?


7. Did you watch it in Japanese or English?


8. Is it available in English dub?

Looks like it's available at AnimeDub.

9. Is the anime too long or too short?

It's definitely too short. It’s only 12 episodes long. When I finished the series, I immediately went looking for season 2 but was surprised to see that it wasn't made yet. Come on guys! It's 2016 and Season 1 came out in 2012. Hurry up.

10. How did you find this anime?

I was scrolling through anime alphabetically on Crunchyroll,  and saw it in the B’s. I remembered hearing it was good. Tried it. Happy.

11. What were your biggest emotions?

There were a few times I was frustrated. The main character wasn’t taking things seriously, and it was annoying me. Then, I was getting impatient to see his skills as a ranked player. Ryouta kept doing things I believed he’d regret (like showing mercy to his enemies), but I was ultimately satisfied with his decisions…except how he treated his mother.

Also the power of boners when the stun gun backfired. 

12. How does it compare to similar shows?

I think the Hunter X Hunter exam arc was better than this, but this is better than The Hunger Games.

13. Which character in this anime would you love to see in a crossover?

I’d love to see Ryouta meet the main character of No Game No Life. Ryouta is pretty good at video games, but I'm not sure he'd be as good in the other world.

14. Who would be your waifu?

I’m not going to choose the obvious answer. I’d take the brunette over the blonde.

15. Which character would you hang out with?

Probably Ryouta’s old friend with the long hair and tattoos.  He’s cool, good at everything, and has his own Host Club.

16. Pick a scene to recommend this anime.

In the first episode, at the 6 minute marker, the main character finds himself in a parachute up a tree. He doesn't know where he is, how he got there, or what the strange crystal is that's embedded in his hand. All of a sudden, someone is trying to kill him.

That scene is introduces BTOOOM! very well, and is where I got hooked.

17. Final thoughts?

I really enjoyed this anime. To me, this is what The Hunger Games should have been. If you liked The Hunger Games and have never seen BTOOOM!, then you should definitely check this out. Just don't expect a conclusion, as there is none yet (at least in the animated form). 




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