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Why Do Black People In Anime/Manga Have White Hair?

Have you ever seen a black person in an anime or manga? There aren't many. Chances are, if you have seen one, they had white hair. With no signs of aging — just a penchant for unusual hairstyles — doesn't it make you wonder, "Why do so many have white hair?"

Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls - S1E4

A slime girl shows up unannounced (and possibly illegally) and starts causing trouble at the house. She has trouble communicating and tends to mimic everyone, but Papi the harpy adores her. She flies Suu the slime to safety when she thinks Suu might get deported, but Kimihito brings them back home promising that everything will be fine. Smith is waiting for them when they return.

Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls - S1E2

Kimihito is suddenly kidnapped by Papi the Harpy. The naive Papi begins innocently bathing in public. Miia is jealous  when she sees this, and the two get in a fight. Just then they hear the voice of a girl stuck in a tall tree... On another day, as Kimihito returns home from a shopping trip, a centaur girl leaps from around the corner and crashes into him. With massive breasts and a ponytail, Centorea was searching the town for a master to serve according to centaur tradition. In order to catch the man who snatches a purse right before her eyes, she chases after him with Kimihito riding on her back... - Crunchyroll

Crowd High is So Lame

Tribe Cool Crew - Episode 30 - LuiMoe Returns!

What did you think of the new dance style from team Lake-Suwa-tever-the-hell-their-name-is? Didn't Lui and Moe get worse?

Furuya Falters, Sawamura Shines

Ace of the Diamond - Season 2, Episode 6 - Out Of Order

Aren't you glad Sawamura-kun is pitching well again? Can't you feel the fun and excitement coming back to the game of baseball, and isn't it about damned time?