Top Ten Moments of Zvezda Plot

Top Ten Moments of Zvezda Plot

After reviewing World Conquest Zvezda Plot, I sat down and put together my Top Ten list of favorite moments from the show. Enjoy.


1. Lady Plamya's Cooking

Lady Plamya is a killer, especially in the kitchen. Her cooking was so bad, it had to be censored. Don't ask about the secret sauce.


2. Magical Girl Transformation

Kate is such a little girl. It makes sense that she'd need help changing into her wardrobe. I was dying when I saw this scene. It's funny and adorable.

3. Yasu Waffles

Yasu traded sides so many times in this anime, and with such speed! How'd he do that?

4. Sleepwalking Beauty

Natasha has a habit of sleepwalking. When you're asleep, and she walks her way into your bed, it's kind of hard to prove you weren't up to no good.

5. Lies On Top of Lies

Asuta was trying to uncover the secret identity of White Robin. I think we all knew who she was without them confirming it. But when her mask came off, my jaw dropped. Then, when her mask came off...


6. T9

I don't even know how they managed to fall into this position but,'s on the list.

7. Transfer Students

Renge-chan and Asuta got some undercover transfer students added to their class. I was expecting Lady Plamya (Itsuka Shikabane) or Natasha: the obvious choices. 

8. Is this Skype?

The treasure club watched a pre-recorded video where the recording was talking to Asuta WHO WAS IN THE AUDIENCE!

9. You Are Galaktika

Kate needs her Galaktika...or at least, a Galaktika replacment. When her stuffed doll went missing, any Asuta would do. 

10. To Be Continued?!

When the series ended, it left us with a hint of things to come. Will we see Hoshiyima Kate conquer New York? It looks like there may be another secret society with its own little lady. Seeing a possible Season 2 was the best moment of all.

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