Sword Art Online II - Episode 8 (review)

Sword Art Online II - Episode 8 (review)

Bullet of Bullets


What Happened & Our Opinion

Kirito Searches for Death Gun

Kirito is no longer paralyzed by fear. He starts checking the list of BoB contestants, trying to identify who Death Gun really is. However, Kirito is unsure if he'd recognize Death Gun's real name, even if he saw it. He questions Sinon, asking her if any of the contestants listed are new,considering Death Gun only appeared recently.

She says that 3 are, narrowing his list of suspects down from 30. She becomes more interested in Kirito's story, but doesn't press for more information.

The Main Tournament Begins

When the tournament begins, all participants are deposited on a map in random locations. While tracking two different opponents, Kirito and Sinon are brought together, but Kirito catches Sinon unawares. Pinning her down, he asks her to remain quiet so they can observe a fight beneath their location. 

She agrees, and he tells her that he was able to remain undetected by swimming deeply during a satellite scan. She makes a mental note of the tactic, and the two watch as their prey fight each other.

Kirito and Sinon find Death Gun

While watching their prey fight, one man dies and the other is immobilized by a third, unseen enemy. Perplexed, the two try to make sense of what they just saw. From nowhere, Death Gun appears, carrying a sniper rifle called the "Silent Assasin". He slowly walks over to the immobilized man and pulls out his handgun, when Kirito urgently asks Sinon to shoot.


Our Opinion


Death Gun is fearsome. His "Silent Assassin" rifle lets him reach out and touch you from anywhere, and no one will hear you scream.

You're just playing a video game, then your character freezes. Death Gun walks into your field of view and points a pistol in your face. You look into his red eyes as his voice chills you to the bone, and it's the last thing you experience in this world AND the real one.

The guy that Death Gun shot was crazy good, too! He was swinging around like Spider-Man and dodging bullets like Neo, then he was down. One hit was all it took. For all we know, Death Gun could have fired several shots with all the others missing wildly; they make no sound for warning. Do they cast no projection lines as well???

That's why I can't wait to see the next episode of SAO II. I hope Sinon and Kirito stop Death Gun before he takes another life. And this androgynous version of Kirito is making me laugh more than I thought it would. "Cheer for me!" absolutely took the cake.

So, which Kirito do I like the most: SAO, ALO, or GGO? I think that's a good question.

Which of Kirito's avatars do you like the most? *
Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online, or Gun Gale Online
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