Hunter x Hunter - Episode 144 (review)

Hunter x Hunter - Episode 144 (review)

Approval x And x Coalition

What happened & Our Opinion

Cheadle asks Ging for advice to win the election

Cheadle speaks with Ging and asks him if he's abandoning both the election and his son, then asks for his advice on how to win. He gives his predictions and tells her it will be difficult to defeat Pariston in the election because Pariston knows how she thinks, and he neither wants to win nor lose — only prolong the election. Ging also informs Cheadle that Pariston secretly sent 100 Hunter Association airships to recover 5000 cocoons from the chimera ants, which will all have Nen abilities when they hatch.

Cheadle asks Ging

The Hunter Association votes for a new Chairman

The four remaining candidates give speeches before the 8th vote for the next Hunter Association Chairman. Currently in fourth place, Mizaistom asks all of his supporters to vote for Cheadle, who is in third place. Cheadle then asks her supporters to vote for Leorio, who is currently in second place.

 Leorio says he's only interested in saving the life of his friend, Gon, and he wants to select a new chairman as quickly as possible. Leorio has no interest in being the next chairman, but his candid remarks elicit a huge applause from the audience. 

Pariston is the front-runner, and he says Mizaistom is the only candidate qualified to be Chairman. Then, the association votes for the 8th time.

Killua and Alluka arrive to heal Gon

Amane escorts Killua and Alluka to a guarded hospital where Gon is being kept on life-support. Killua says they'll try to heal Gon once Alluka awakes. 

Our Opinion


#HXH episode 144 had people thinking and talking about the election, and people talking about people thinking about the election. 😪💤

Me and Alluka slept through it.

Gon has always wanted to be a Pro Hunter like his father, Ging, and hoped that one day they would meet. Their anticipated meeting has been building for nearly 140 episodes. When the Green Island arc ended, I felt like we were robbed. Gon went through so much effort trying to get the game, get inside the game, and beat the game... and still didn't see his father. It was his only wish. I could have thought of no better ending to that arc, than a meeting between a father and his son.

The story didn’t have to end there, either. There could have arisen a new threat that separated them again, or one that they’d have to face together, but none of that happened.

Now that we’ve gotten to see the real Ging (two story arcs later), he’s a major disappointment. He has no explanation why he left Gon and his mother. He hasn’t visited his dying son. He’s not even doing anything important with his life (like trying to become the next Chairman).

Seeing Ging makes me wish that Gon never meets his dead-beat dad, or that Kite is his real father. I’d even prefer Hisoka as his dad, at this point. Even Cheadle couldn’t believe he was going to abandon his son like that.

They say,

“Good things come to those who wait.”
Ging didn't come to Gon.
I guess Ging’s no good.

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