Re: Hamatora - Episode 8 (review)

Re: Hamatora - Episode 8 (review)

Worst Promise & Best Memory

What Happened & Our Opinion

Hajime Gets Abducted

A stranger (Momoka) approached Hajime, claiming to know something of her past. She proved this by showing a photo of Hajime when she was a child. Hajime got into a limousine with her and was taken away to a rundown facility where monstrous beasts  were locked up.

Hajime's Childhood Flashback

Hajime remembered being in this facility before, when she was a child. This was a place where children were taken away from their parents and experimented on like laboratory mice. The experiments turned many children into monstrosities, indistinguishable from their former selves. Many died.

Hajime was given the designation "Success Number 0-1". Nice was trapped in this facility too. After meeting "Success Number 0-1", he named her "Hajime" and promised they would escape together.  The escape plan failed when both of the children were shot by guards. The experience activated Hajime's Minimum Ability for the first time.

Saikyou Reveal

The woman who abducted Hajime is the flower shop lady and computer hacker called Momoka. She worked with Moral, and later, Art. When Hajime got into the limousine with her, she replaced her ordinary clothing with a fancy dress and hat. Momoka is really Saikyou, a name that Hamatora's informant gave when they were trying to learn the source behind the recent crimes.

Hajime Gets Rescued

Master and Koneko send Hajime's location to Nice, who brings Honey, Three, Ratio and Birthday to her aid. Saikyou, Art, and the Freemums watch as Hajime despairs in the facility, thereby activating her ability: the Nihilist Minimum. 

When Hajime's friends arrive, one of the Freemums asks Art if they may end it now. Art declines, saying that Nice and his friends are not easily defeated.

Our Opinion


Now we understand why Hajime and Nice are so close. They shared such a tragic childhood. And I think I finally know why Art wants to kill Nice. Hajime's Nihilist Minimum erases all Minimum abilities within her range, and that's one of Art's ideals. Since Hajime's Minimum is only triggered through despair, and since Hajime has a deep bond with Nice, his death may cause her ability to envelop everyone.
This episode did a few things well. For one, it made me hate Art even more. He's just a bully. When Hajime was a child, she was separated from her parents, isolated, experimented on, and shot. Yet, Art is still trying to make her cry. I hope someone removes his black heart ASAP.
The Saikyou reveal was also done well. I never really questioned who Momoka was, and now it makes me want to watch the previous episodes to see if there were any clues about her identity that I missed. Why is she funding this operation?
And maybe the carrot-on-a-stick method would have been the easiest way to trigger Hajime's minimum. But instead of a carrot, dangle a hamburger. 😭

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