Akame ga Kill - Episode 8 (review)

Akame ga Kill - Episode 8 (review)

Kill the Three (part 2)

What Happened & Our Opinion

Bulat and Tatsumi vs Liver and Nyau

Bulat and Tatsumi fought General Liver and Nyau on a ship in the middle of the sea. Bulat was disadvantaged facing his former commander because General Liver is an Imperial Arms user who manipulates liquid. Bulat also had to be wary of Nyau who defeated Tatsumi and was interfering in his battle with General Liver.

The General injected a poisonous serum into his own body, heightening his strength, but was still cut down by Bulat. Before death, he used his own blood to stab Bulat multiple times.

Tatsumi Uses the Incursio Imperial Arms

Bulat entrusted Incursio's key over to Tatsumi so he could face Nyau who had just transformed into a large brute. Using Incursio, he was able to defeat Nyau with one fatal punch. 

Bulat Dies

After Bulat witnessed The Imperial Arms' transformation to suit Tatsumi's body, and his easy victory over Nyau, Bulat said that Tatsumi would surpass his own ability. Then, Bulat passed away from the poisoning, and Tatsumi wailed.

Kurome Introduced

Elsewhere, a young woman is resting on a pile of corpses. One of her acquaintances says she has been summoned to the capital to be a member in a group of six others. Her name is Kurome, and she says that maybe she'll get to see her sister.

Our Opinion


Sheele died in episode 6, and now this happens?! At the rate we're going, someone will say "Akame got Killed," and I won't need to correct them.

When the battle first began, I thought Bulat was going to annihilate the Three Beasts. He killed the first with one attack, and sent the other two flying. When it was revealed that General Liver used to be Bulat's superior, I knew he'd have problems. When Nyau started assisting Liver, I knew Bulat was going to die. I was shaking my head and thinking someone needs to tell Nyau that anime is about fair fighting. Although I typically hate cliches, Tatsumi could have shouted, "Your opponent is me," and I would have been relieved.

From here on, I think I'll be numb to the Night Raid deaths because I believe Tatsumi will find the Imperial Arms of his dreams: one that can resurrect the dead. If such a thing doesn't exist...damn.

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