Can't...Play...Diablo 3

Can't...Play...Diablo 3

Last night, I bought a copy of Diablo 3 for PS4. I’ve never played any of the Diablo games before, but Brent (from the gaming side of Short Pause) invited me to play a bit with him and the guys, so I did. I don’t know if he’s ever played the other two Diablo games, but he said Diablo 3 is the stuff.


The Short Pause Gaming Staff


I purchased mine from the PlayStation store right from my PS4, and was a bit surprised by the size of the download. It’s huge! “Oh well,” I thought. I had all day to let it download, since our meeting was tentatively scheduled for later that night. But then, Charter died.

I pay for the fastest internet service available to me, which is provided by Charter at 100mbps. If 300mbps (or faster) were available, I’d order that stuff in a heartbeat. I’m such an internet junky; I just gotta have it. So, when the internet goes down with no estimated time for restoration, I get pretty irritable pretty fast. How fast? “100 megabits per second” fast.

Twitter told me I wasn’t the only one out of service, though. After being unable to contact anyone at Charter on the phone, I looked to Twitter to see if others shared my grief. Sure enough, everyone was out of service and no one could get through on the phone. There wasn’t even an automated recording explaining the situation; it was just a busy signal.

Then, I remembered that Brent had written a piece about the PS4 and internet connectivity, and I gave his solution a try. Guess what happened. You know it! After changing my DNS settings to Google’s servers, I was back online in a matter of minutes. I’d have been online even sooner, had I not taken a moment to correct a tiny typo in his post. (It was just a small typo, buddy.)

If any of you are still out of service, give that a shot.

Brent and Eric were on first, and then I jumped in. I wasted some time trying to party chat with my Audio Technica USB microphone and my Shure headphones, before deciding to just use my Astro A40 headset, instead. I couldn’t figure out how to get the microphone and headphones to work together. (If anyone knows how to use a standalone usb mic with a separate pair of headphones, please let me know.)

After Ben arrived, Eric’s internet died, and we still don’t know why. He doesn’t have Charter like I do. Eric tried rebooting his router, and praying to the video game gods, but even that failed. He should have known, Kratos is a merciless bastard.

We abandoned Eric to drown in his own tears, and decided to play a 3-man session. Then, an in-game notification told me I hadn’t downloaded enough of the game to play the multiplayer portion yet. “WTH! Only 46% downloaded?” So, Ben and Brent started the game and told me to go cry with Eric. This was turning into an epic failure.

I found and downloaded an application called namebench that said it could scan all nearby DNS servers and tell me which one was the fastest for me. Once the scan was complete, I configured all my network devices to use the recommended servers, and then did an internet speed test. OMFG! My speed is now faster than what I’m paying for?

Maybe it’s because everyone else who has Charter is offline right now that my bandwidth is wide open? If so, forget everything I said about changing your DNS servers. That stuff is complicated as heck! You should just wait for Charter to fix it for you. 😏

I contacted the fellas, got back on Diablo 3, and had a freaking awesome time. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Hackers just took PSN down? Again? Son of a bitch!

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