A Short Pause Remedy For Slow Download Speeds On PlayStation Consoles

A Short Pause Remedy For Slow Download Speeds On PlayStation Consoles

Over the past two months or so, I’ve been experiencing painfully slow download speeds across all of my PlayStation consoles. It didn’t matter if I was using the PlayStation Vita in the same room as my wireless router with no other wi-fi devices in use. I just wasn't experiencing the kind of connection speed I should be experiencing on my wireless network. My PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 are wired into the same modem as my Xbox One, which has no speed issues at all. Hell, even my Wii U was running much faster wirelessly when I recently used it to download Mario Kart 8. Naturally, I took to social networking to see if any other gamers were having these same issues, and although some were, it appeared to be an isolated issue due to the various responses I was getting.


Thanks for the PS3 Wireless Trouble Shooting link, even though I explained my PS4 is WIRED! UGH!!

I decided to take my issue up with PlayStation themselves by tweeting their twitter support team (@AskPlayStation), and after a few days (yes, days), they finally replied with the typical cut-and-paste response that one would expect from a big company's first tier of product support. They suggested that I power down my modem, restart it, and that should fix the issue. Much to my (expected) chagrin, this did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. I don’t see why it would change anything, all of my other devices – iPhone, Wii U, Xbox One, MacBook Pro – worked fine and performed very well when downloading software and games.


So my next course of action was to Google if there were any other PlayStation owners experiencing slow speeds while using AT&T Uverse Internet. Lo and behold, I found a post online where gamers were reporting slow download speeds on their PlayStation consoles, despite all of their other devices working fine. That’s when I came across one person who offered up a suggestion that I had never heard of, but was reluctant to try simply because I’m not well-versed when it comes to making manual changes to a device's internet settings. Auto-Set Up all the way, that’s what I always say!

The person suggested that, instead of using the DNS server provided by my ISP when I set up my PS4’s network settings automatically, I should manually change the DNS address in my PlayStation 4’s network settings to use either Google’s DNS server ( and or the ones provided by OpenDNS ( and The reason he suggests this is because apparently in some areas, an ISP’s DNS servers may become crowded, which in turn causes it to slow down greatly. I didn’t understand why my other devices were working fine using AT&T’s DNS servers, but seeing as I was desperate for faster download speeds, I decided to take a leap of faith.


For those of you who aren’t sure how to make these DNS changes manually, here are the steps you have to take in order to do so for both the PlayStation 4 (PlayStation 3 is identical) and the PlayStation Vita:

PlayStation 4

1. Press the PlayStation Button

2. Select the Settings menu

3. Select Network

4. Select Set Up Internet Connection

5. Select either Wifi or LAN Cable, whichever is your preferred setup

6. Select Custom

7. Select Manual

8. Now, depending on your set up, and whether or not you have a firm grasp of handling a CUSTOM set-up as opposed to the EASY option, you may want to select the default choice for each option leading up to the DNS Settings tab (Those being IP Address, Subnet Mask. Default Gateway, etc). Once you get to the DNS Settings, enter in the Primary and Secondary DNS server address of one of the two DNS Servers below (do not mix-and-match).

Google's DNS Address - Primary: Secondary:

OpenDNS Address - Primary208.67.222.222 Secondary:


9. Once you've entered your preferred DNS Server, proceed through to the end of the set-up process and confirm the changes by running the suggested Internet Connection Test. Then try downloading something that was taking a long time to download prior to the changes to see if there's any difference.

What normally would've taken anywhere from 7-8 hours to complete, now downloads in less than 10 minutes.

What normally would've taken anywhere from 7-8 hours to complete, now downloads in less than 10 minutes.

PlayStation Vita

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Network

3. Select Wi-Fi Settings

4. Select your current Access Point

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Change the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS to the server of your choice

Please keep in mind that this is merely a suggestion to those of you experiencing slower-than-normal download speeds on your PlayStation consoles. I have not tried this on any other devices, seeing as they all run fine, so I can't speak to how this "fix" works on any other non-PlayStation equipment. Also, it's worth mentioning that my home network setup is fairly basic. I have my Motorola Gateway running to a Lynksis Router in my man-cave, which I then use to connect all of my gaming consoles. If your setup is much more elaborate than this, then I advise you to do more research before attempting these changes, as Short Pause is not responsible for any network issues or damaged hardware. Results may vary depending on your ISP.

Hopefully, this will help some of you who have been experiencing excruciatingly painful download times across all three PlayStation consoles. Let us know in the comments below if this worked for you! If you have any other suggestions to successfully remedy these aformentioned download issues, please feel free to share as well!

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