Blue Exorcist (anime) - Season 1 - Review

Blue Exorcist (anime) - Season 1 - Review


Blue Exorcist is a story about Rin Okumura, a 15 year old boy who learns he is the foster son of Assiah’s best exorcist, Shiro,  and the biological son of Gehenna’s worst demon, Satan. After witnessing the death of his foster father at the hands of his biological father, Rin vows to avenge Shiro and become the world’s greatest exorcist. But will his vengeance and the powers granted him at birth be enough to protect him and his loved ones? And will it be enough to defeat Satan?




The first thing you'll notice about Blue Exorcist is that it looks good; The anime (Japanese cartoon) was drawn and animated really well. The lines are crisp, the colors are bright, and the textures are smooth. Blue Exorcist will look good on your HD TV.


When there is action on the screen it looks fluid, and luckily, there is a decent amount of it. Rin, the main character, uses a sword as his primary weapon and it's quite a bit of fun seeing him run, jump, and slash all over the place. His brother, Yukio,  is a gunslinger who hardly ever misses his target;  seeing him in action may be even more impressive than Rin.


The other main characters use a variety of weapons and abilities but aren't as active as the two brothers. What's great about the other main characters is their chemistry and friendship. The social interactions between them and Rin is actually what I like most about the show.


Shiemi Moriyama

In particular, my favorite character (besides Rin) is Shiemi. I like her the most because she's sweet, cute, innocent, funny, and has a big heart. She's socially awkward but in the most endearing way that you cannot help but like her. It's in those awkward moments when she's funniest because it's always accidental and usually embarrassing. Kudos to her voice actor (in the Japanese dub)  for voicing that part so well; she sounds just right.


The music in Blue Exorcist also sounds awesome. The opening theme is a head-banging Rock song, while the ending theme is a soulfully smooth Rhythm and Blues track. Later in the season, they introduce an Electro-Pop ending that's equally as enjoyable. Sample them for yourself if you don't believe me.


Opening #1
Ending #1 (fan remixed version)
Ending #2


What I liked least about Blue Exorcist is how rushed the story felt. The anime was loosely adapted from the manga (Japanese comic) which is much longer than the anime. I say "loosely" because the first 18 episodes are almost identical to the manga but the last few episodes bear almost no resemblance to it. And where the manga paces itself rather well, the anime seems to come to an abrupt ending. Where the manga is long and thorough, the anime doesn't have as much time to develop the story.


Rin Okumura at work.

This shortening leads to underdeveloped character relationships and underdeveloped villains. Although the relationships between the characters in Blue Exorcist is my favorite part of the show, there are some characters I know absolutely nothing  (or almost nothing) about. They weren't explained. Similarly, there are no memorable villains in this season...and the hero is only as good as his/her villain.


End. Roll credits. Go to the next episode.


Then, prepare to be confused because the next episode isn't a direct continuation of the previous one; Blue Exorcist puts credits NEAR the end of the episode. Make sure you see what's after the credits.



Pros:  looks good, funny, great voice acting, enjoyable music, good action scenes, likable characters

Cons: rushed story, loosely based on the manga, forgettable villains, post-credits scenes



Where to watch Blue Exorcist

Crunchyroll Hulu Viz 


In Blue Exorcist, blue flames indicate satanic power.

In chemistry, blue flames may indicate the presence of arsenic, lead, selenium, or zinc (to name a few). 

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