Games To Play With Your Significant Other On Valentine's Day

Games To Play With Your Significant Other On Valentine's Day

Hey, guess what? It's Valentine's Day! Now don't panic, the last thing you want to do is rush out to the store and grab that one bouquet of flowers that's been picked over by everyone else, because let's face it, by the time you get home they look like they'll be dead anyways. By now, all the good assortments of chocolates have been picked out and bought, and you can't just show up with a Snickers bar and a dozen flowers that are on life support. No worries, because tonight can still be a success; all you need are some candles, two controllers, and a six pack of Mountain Dew (better than a box of wine!). Here are some games that'll spice things up on Valentine's Day!

Dead Nation


Now I know what you're thinking..."How in the hell could Dead Nation, a game about our world being completely overrun by the zombie apocalypse, be suitable for Valentine's Day?" Well, thats simple! Dead Nation offers the option to play the game together via couch co-op! What better way to strengthen the bond with a loved one, than by exploding some zombie heads and saving mankind together? And who knows, surviving such a frantic experience could heighten emotions, which could lead to other forms of "cooperative play" on that very couch!

Wii Sports


Remember that system you bought a long time ago called the Wii? Well, here's your chance to dust it off and fire up Wii Sports for some friendly one-on-one (keep it clean...for now!) competitive action. The adrenaline and excitement of a match going down to the wire can definitely get your hearts pumping. To spice things up, you could make some...ahem...mature themed bets regarding a best of three series of golf, or maybe that intense bout of boxing has the both of you sweating from a good workout? A nice, romantic shower may be in order!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

uncharted 2.jpg

To this day, very few games have been able to capture the essence of Hollywood's big budget adventure movies the way Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has. With a story that keeps you engaged the whole way through, a dashing and charismatic hero, a love triangle, and some truly thrilling moments, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has everything that any couple could want when they head out to the theater for date night. The women get to enjoy the charm that Nathan Drake oozes, while the guys get to enjoy every scene in which Chloe walks away. Imagine the role-playing possibilities that could come from this game!



Like this game wasn't going to be on the list!  The title pretty much says it all, but please don't use this game as a replacement for the flowers you forgot to buy her!  What better way to show off your sensitive side to your better half, than by helping to guide an assortment of flower petals through the wind, sweeping over the ground to help other flowers bloom!  Talk about, "OMG, that's so sweet!"  Thatgamecompany created this game to be a compelling, emotional experience (and they succeeded!), which is what all couples want to share with one another!

Just Dance 2014

just dance.jpg

It's Friday night, you and your loved one want to head out to the club, but Mother Nature is planning on dropping four feet of snow on your plans. But that's OK, because Just Dance 2014 will have you two dancing all night long! Dancing is a powerful instrument for love, as two bodies work as one moving to the rhythm of the beat. There's a good chance this could lead to some dirty dancing! The next thing you know, the game is telling you that you've failed the routine, when in fact the developers failed to program the Kinect to recognize the Horizontal Mambo as a dance type!

Any Call of Duty Game

call of duty.jpg

Fellas, if you have the audacity to fire up a game of Call of Duty on Valentine's Day, you are treading some dangerous water. However, if your lady friend sits down next to you and not only watches you play, but suggests that she can do much better than you, you need to run, not walk or lightly jog, to the nearest jewelry store and put a ring on it because she's a keeper! End of story!

Ibb & Obb



What better way to connect with the old ball-and-chain than by doubling the brain power to solve problems, a la Ibb & Obb. This quirky game puts teamwork center stage as it puts you in control of a pair of two-legged, quasi-Pacman ghouls who navigate a beautifully minimal 2D-scape. Couples will not only feel badass after reaching the end of a level, but will also revel in the brief brain reset of the kooky dance-offs in between stages. Fraught with light-hearted amusement, the game also reinforces a laid-back vibe via its soundtrack, as well as simple design. Suffice it say, Ibb & Obb is highly addictive, which is recognized after hours of oblivious, gleeful gameplay, where any dynamic duo will feel like giddy kids again, minus the adult supervision.


Well, there you have it! These are just a few suggestions of our favorite games to play with a loved one. What other games do you and your significant other like to play together? Please comment in the box below to let us know! Happy Valentines Day!

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