Endings that Fall Flat: Chaika – The Coffin Princess

Endings that Fall Flat: Chaika – The Coffin Princess


*Disclaimer: I did not read the manga, so anything that I spew into the following rant is purely based on the television series.

I have watched a ton of anime series over the years, many of which I can’t even remember, but I can distinctly remember the overwhelming disappointment after investing a lot of time to watch some series through to the end. Chaika, my friends, is one of those series, and here’s why.

Stubbornness Disguised as Determination

Shocking Truth!.jpeg

Others see it as determination when it’s really illogical pig-headed stubbornness. Given the blatant truth from a kraken that Chaikas are all orphans brainwashed to be drones for Gaz, White Chaika and Toru are still intent on gathering all the remains. Sure, nothing fishy about Chaika’s true purpose to serve a maniacal dead mega wizard, it makes perfect sense. 

Vivi the Half-Chaika?


The hell? Vivi suddenly begins to turn into one of those Chaikas? From the little that’s been revealed, my only guess is that Vivi was one of those orphans, but miraculously doesn’t remember, and otherwise had a perfectly normal childhood before becoming Alberic’s groupie. Her history still remains a blank, which further makes her half transformation pointless.


‘Nuff said.


Disses White Chaika and the crew, and skips off with the ever mysterious Guy to become Gaz’s super glock wreaking havoc and destruction on the rest of the continent; only to suddenly realize she has a personality and side with Chaika when given the order to blast her to smithereens. Wishy-washy as ever, how convenient.

Showdown between Toru and Gaz

Biggest joke in the series. It would have been more believable between Gaz and an entire group, however Toru does stay true to his inferiority complex, which he attempts to compensate for by having a one-on-one with the baddest villain in all of Verbist.

Gaz’s Second Death

Blown into oblivion by his own weapon, nice.

Bottom Line

This series had a lot going for it, but like so many I have watched its potential was shot to hell at the end. With the foundation that was laid for the plot this series could have been much more epic than it is. That said, maybe it's past due time to get into manga reading. 


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