Akame ga Kill was Crap

Akame ga Kill was Crap

[spoiler alert]

Akame ga Kill was crap. It had a stupid ending, the "main character" died, and the death of the final villain was abrupt.

The real main hero, Tatsumi

Kill the Title

First of all, the main character is Tatsumi, even though the show is called Akame ga Kill. The name of the show is just weird. Imagine if Naruto were really titled "Sakura" and it ended when Sakura defeated Karin, sometime after Naruto and Sasuke killed each other in battle. That would be similar to what happened in this anime.

Akame was a side character. Tatsumi is the main character and we experienced the world of Akame ga Kill through his eyes. He journeyed to the capitol, and we learned about the corruption of the government when he did. Together, we witnessed how fearful Night Raid was, then we joined their team and learned to love them. We became Tatsumi. When he was captured by the Jaegers, we learned how to "love thine enemy" because he could. The Jaegers were good people.

...well, not Seryu Ubiquitous. We hated that crazy bitch. 

Everyone became our friend because everyone was Tatsumi's friend. Tatsumi's enemies became our enemies.

Akame was not the main character, just as Esdeath was not the main villain; she loved Tatsumi. Esdeath worked for the Emperor, and Tatsumi lost his life defeating the Emperor — but the anime didn't end there. In the following episode, Akame and Esdeath fought to the death in what could be confused as the main battle. And, I say "confused" because — again — Esdeath wasn't the real enemy. (Esdeath and Akame didn't even have a rivalry!)

 The real enemy was the Prime Minister, Onest. He was the one who controlled things, and he was the one who corrupted the Emperor and the government.

Kill the Matchups

Tatsumi should have killed the Prime Minister to end the series, but that didn't happen. Onest got his head smashed in a hallway by another side character, Leone. (I can't be the only one who thought he died like Prince Oberyn from Game of Thrones.) To be the evil mastermind, he should have had a more epic ending, a more powerful Imperial Arms, or died facing a smarter enemy. No offense to Leone lovers, but Tatsumi or General Najenda would have been better choices.

Najenda versus Onest would have at least been a battle between two leaders. I mean, we already got robbed by not being able to see Najenda settle things with her rival, Esdeath. That fight got postponed when Susanoo sacrificed himself so the team could escape. Shouldn't Najenda have plotted her revenge for her fallen friend and Imperial Arms? Let's not forget all the history between the two military heads.

Esdeath vs Akame

Akame settled things with Esdeath instead, and I'm still in disbelief that she had the strength to slay Esdeath. I also don't understand why Akame killed Kurome, her own sister. Did it need to come to that? Am I the only one who wanted to see the sisters kiss and make up? Why did Akame leave her sister behind, if she loved her so much? None of that makes sense to me.

In the end, too many people died for no reason and it killed the story's enormous potential. If you like endings that aren't nicely wrapped up, or endings that leave gaping holes in both your heart and the plot, then this one is perfect for you. I just think it could have been written a lot better.

Kill the Killing

The show started off well; I will give it credit there. Then everyone started dying. Do you remember when Tatsumi said he wished for an Imperial Arms that could revive the dead? (Keep that in mind.)

Sheele died, then Bulat, after we had grown to love them. The enemy recruited some help, and we were introduced to the Jaegers.

The Jaegers meet


Tatsumi got captured by Esdeath, the leader of the Jaegers, and we learned that they were similar to Night Raid. Jaeger member "Wave" was nearly identical to Tatsumi in every way. The lines between good and evil were blurring.

When the Jaegers started to die, it hurt, and we knew that one day they would join forces. Both sides were too similar for it to never happen. 

Remember Bols and his care for cooking? Remember his wife and child? Remember how terrifying he was when we first met him? Rest In Peace, Jaeger member Bols.

With Tatsumi spending time in both camps, and Wave being his near twin, the two of them should have formed a bridge between the two teams. They were both present when the assassin sisters fought. Why didn't they stop them if the sisters couldn't resolve things without killing?

No one else needed to die, but so many did. Well...Mine could have still killed Ubiquitous for killing Sheele. (I already told you I didn't like her.) The Emperor was so powerful that it could have taken the combined teams to bring him down without killing him. Then, they should have regrouped to battle an even bigger enemy: the Prime Minister.

Don't forget how strong the Minister's son, Syura, was. Syura said he wanted to one day surpass his father, and his father controlled the empire and had access to all the Imperial Arms the empire collected. He should have had the strongest Imperial Arms of all. What was his son talking about?

In the most epic battle of the series, Night Raid and the Jaegers should have defeated Onest together, then rebuilt the empire with the current Emperor still in place. The Emperor was simply a misguided child following the orders of an evil man; he didn't need to be executed. With Najenda and Run by his side, he would have had much wiser council and could have lead his people properly. The combined forces of the Jaegers and Night Raid would have been his personal guard, and Tatsumi would have had access to the Imperial Arms room.

Inside that room, Tatsumi would have found the Imperial Arms of his dreams.

Seryu Ubiquitous

Kill the Romance

Don't you think that would have been a better ending than the terrible one we were given? And how do you think the relationships should have played out? Esdeath and Tatsumi, Tatsumi and Akame, Akame and Wave, Wave and Kurome, Lubbock and Najenda, or perhaps Bulat and Dr. Stylish??? I would have handled the relationships differently too, but neither I nor the author told that story well. 

Pick your romance

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