Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon - episode 2 (So, yeah. That happened.)

Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon - episode 2 (So, yeah. That happened.)




Dragons are DRAGONs: Dimentional Rift Attuned Gargantuan Organic Neototypes.  Air quotes, people: "LASER".


Why Norma are allowed to live


You only had one job!!! Honestly, killing DRAGONs sounds like an important job to me. I don't understand why everyone hates the Norma. Not only are they all female, but they save lives. 


Ange's first day in school


Looks like Ange got held back a few times. 


Norma officers  grope their subordinates


Sexual harassment in the workplace. 


Norma cadets complain about harassment


They don't like the harassment, but has anyone filed a complaint? I'm guessing "No".


Hey! You missed a spot.


I can understand needing some help washing those hard to reach places, but um...😳 


Ange should have watched Orange is the New Black. You never say anything bad about the food you have to eat or the people preparing it. That's food etiquette 101.

Ange is a snob, but she does well in all of her classes. What's not to like about her?


Cross Ange attempted rape


Fall out of line, and the Captain might rape you. This is one of the worst deterrents imaginable. (Did anyone see Detroit Metal City? How many "rapes" can you say in a second?)


Censored groping


It looks like someone went to the Terraformars School of Censorship.


The Captain holding her eyeball


Some girls lose their hair weave in a fight. The captain got her eyeball smacked out of her head! Then, she picked it up, licked it off, and put it back in. I'm not even sure the 5-second rule applies. Ugh. 


Coco got blasted


A. Coco Pops

B. Coco Puffs

C. Coco Crispies

D. Coco B Ware


There are a lot of scantily clad and nude women in episode 2 of Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon. There's girl-on-girl action and forcible sex scenes. If you like the adult content, it looks like there will be plenty more where that came from.

Regardless, I'm still interested in the story and whether or not Ange — the main character — will change everyone's opinion toward the Norma. Between the disdain, danger, and harassment, the Norma lead bleak lives. Here's to hoping Ange can bring them some equality and become the princess everyone can depend on.

Chaika - TCP - AB episode 2 (So, yeah. That happened.)

Chaika - TCP - AB episode 2 (So, yeah. That happened.)

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