Welcome to Short Pause!

Greetings fellow surfers of Cyberspace!

My name is Benjamin Boyce, and let me be the first to welcome you to our brand new site, ShortPause.com!  I say "our," as I'm only one of the contributors you'll come to meet and know over the next few days, weeks, months, and (hopefully!) years.  Initially focusing on gaming in the PlayStation ecosystem and the arresting world of Japanese animation, our new venture here at ShortPause.com is an exciting beginning to what we hope will be a place you, our fair audience, will love to come and visit on a regular basis.

Let's start at the beginning.  Back in the early '80s, I was created after the coming together of two... oh, not that beginning... the beginning of the web site... too much, yeah... ah silly me... carry on!  

Short Pause was conceived during something of a whimsy, a metaphorical zygote birthed upon the simple notion of "Why not?", a question posed to all of us by one of our founding fathers and the technical maestro behind the wizard's cloak, Montaz Meah II (you'll get to meet him soon!).  At the time of Short Pause's initial inception, we (the future contributors to this fine site) were all blogging and dabbling in various internet projects and tomfoolery for a variety of different outlets.  Spread across the four corners of Cyberspace, Montaz (Taz for short!) posed the simple question to all of us of, "Why not?  Why not start blogging, vlogging, and creating for our own site?"

Short Pause was conceived during something of a whimsy, a metaphorical zygote birthed upon the simple notion of “Why not?”

It was from this simple premise that our collective gears began to turn, seemingly cranking something of a Rube Goldberg machine at times, as our disparate parts attempted to slowly coalesce into a greater whole.   We started to get together and discuss our ideas for a website dedicated to gaming and anime, and we quickly came to the realization that we had a particular vision and a perspective on these pop culture phenomenons that was uniquely ours.  Many of us had been contemplating dreams of a grander Internet future, at least in terms of the content we create to contribute to said Internet, and from this, Short Pause began to take shape.

From here, the process of creation began to run its course.  We started experimenting with content and the construction of the website, something of an infinite process that is always being tweaked, fine-tuned and improved.  We began to see the bare bones, a skeletal foundation that would allow us a place to put all of this content we were dreaming up.  And then there was that nagging issue of "what in the H-E-double hockey sticks were we going to call this thing?"

From an eccentric and varied list that included such blogging nom de guerres as The Bearded Yeti, Geek Media Gods, and Super Mega Ultra Remix Blog Turbo, Short Pause (another Taz joint) rose to the top of the nomenclature heap.  Why Short Pause, you, the savvy and inquisitive reader ask?  In an attempt to name our site, we wanted a name that was catchy, memorable, and encapsulated the breadth of content we wanted to cover.  With a tagline of, "Long play, short pause," we came to the conclusion that we wanted this to be the place you visited when you took a break, the titular "short pause" if you will, from all the stuff that was transpiring in your life around you.  When you were done working, finished feeding the kids, and yes, even when you took a break from a long gaming session (wait you're supposed to take breaks?), we wanted to provide relevant content to keep you engaged and entertained.  

And then there was that nagging issue of “what in the H-E-double hockey sticks were we going to call this thing?

And so begins the first steps in our epic new journey, a sort of Aboriginal Walkabout as we pitch our tent in the Internet's virtual wilderness.  I say "our" in reference to not only myself and the other contributors to the site, but in reference to you, the reader, as well.  We want Short Pause to be a place gamers and anime fans can congregate and commune, talking shop about their passion for games and anime, and expressing their opinions in an intelligent manner that encourages discussion and debate.  We're looking forward to building a vibrant community, catalyzed by the content on the site, and we can't wait to watch it grow and mature!

We've got some great things planned for the site, from live streams and videos, to unique game reviews and original opinion pieces, we are are merely scratching the surface of the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  While it may be a slow burn at first, in terms of content (at least when compared to other sites you may visit regularly), we hope to create some enjoyable material for you to digest as we all gather our bearings, seeking to improve said content and how we deliver it on a daily basis. 

On behalf of everyone here at Short Pause, we want to welcome you to our new site!  We're really excited to get things going, and we're thrilled you could join us!  Relax, take off your jacket, kick your feet up, and enjoy the all-new ShortPause.com!

Hi, I'm Ben!