Yuzuru Should Have Transformed Sooner

Tribe Cool Crew - Episode 29 - A Drastic Transformation! Yuzuru's True Form?

What took Yuzuru so long to transform? If he'd used that slimming ability sooner, things would have been a lot simpler and much more entertaining. Wouldn't you agree? I don't mean the sixty minute timer he set on his cell phone, but the 28 previous episodes he kept that little secret to himself.

Yuzuru preparing to transform

Yuzuru preparing to transform

Think about it. Yuzuru is in a dance competition and has the ability to make himself faster, more agile, and about a hundred pounds lighter — instantly. He didn't think that would have come in handy a long time ago?

I was beginning to worry that the Tribe Cool Crew wouldn't be able to defeat the Explosive Machine Guns in battle, but since the Tribe has a breakdancer, jazz dancer, and someone with Slim Fast Super Powers, I guess there's no need to worry.


What did you think of Yuzuru's hidden talent that no one seemed to know about? Did you think it was cool, ridiculous, or did it remind you of another hero's super ability?