Tuesday Night Indie Spotlight Special - Episode 41: Rogue Stormers Co-Op Play (PS4 Gameplay)

Thursday night is indie night, unless it's Tuesday! Thursday is turkey day this week so we held a special indie spotlight on Tuesday this week ahead of the impending holiday. This week, Ben (@piccolo930) and Brent (@TheDude1979) dove into developer Black Forest Games' action-platformer, Rogue Stormers, a rogue-like side scroller with elements of Contra and RPG-style stats and upgrades. While the guys were unsure of what to expect, what awaited was a surprisingly addicting good time. Watch the video below and check out Rogue Stormers in action for yourself! 

If you've played Rogue Stormers, let us know what you think about it in the comments below, and be sure to watch the Thursday Night Indie Spotlight live every Thursday at 10pm EST on our Twitch channel!