Thursday Night Indie Spotlight Ep. 39: Xenoraid (PS4 Gameplay)

Thursday night is indie night! This week we fired up developer 10tons' space shooter, Xenoraid. While it may look like a conventional shoot-em-up, a robust upgrade system for your ship(s) and some interesting mechanics put a unique spin on the tried-and-true spaceship shooter genre. You want to upgrade your primary weapon at the end of a mission? Spend your credits beefing up your firepower. How about your missiles or your shields? Or maybe you'd prefer to repair your damaged spacecraft? You can even decide whether you want the nose of your ship to turn and pivot when you move! Upgrades keep the proceedings fresh, and the game's novel multi-ship dynamic puts a nice strategic spin on the shooting action. Check Xenoraid out in the video below and let us know what you think!  

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