Girls to Men

The Eden of Grisaia - Episode 3 - The Cocoon of Caprice III

Is it ironic that girls turn boys into men? That's what happened to Yuuji in this episode of Eden of Grisaia (and the previous episode as well). Yuuji was barely keeping it together on the battlefield, until he thought about a girl. Remember?

Yuuji at war

Yuuji at war

He was vomiting blood at the thought of killing another person, but strengthened his resolve because Millie was in his platoon. True, his platoon leader gave him some encouraging advice, but the male ego was the driving force. No?

I can’t look bad in front of a woman.
— Yuuji Kazami

Now, I almost never go to the gym, but when there's a pretty girl there too, I'm like, "...999...1000 pushups!! RAAAAAAWR! Preposterous testoterone!"  I don't even know what comes over me, and I think Yuuji is very similar.

He left the war and went straight to Asako, and then you KNOW what came next. Although, I would have called JB when I got back, instead. (I bet you would have stayed with Millie, wouldn't you?)

So...I’ll give my whole life to you.
— Yuuji to Asako

In the end, Yuuji said he'd give his life to Asako, unsure what to do with it himself. And maybe that's fitting since she did make him, in the beginning.

Anyway, what's the verdict? When do you think Yuuji became a man? Was it because Asako made him a man, or did he become a man to protect a woman he cared for? Or maybe he became a man when he "turned JB into a woman"? Your guess is as good as mine.