The Chronicles of the Short Pause HellDivers Episode 1

It's been almost two weeks since Arrowhead Games' twin-stick shooter, HellDivers, arrived on all three PlayStation platforms. It was met with universal acclaim (justifiably so!), citing its hardcore elements as well as its exciting and seamless cooperative gameplay as standouts. The staff here at Short Pause has become quite addicted to HellDivers, and every week we plan on progressing through the difficulty of each planet in any given region of the universe. The level of teamwork and communication required to succeed is unmatched by most cooperative games, but even then, hilarity ensues due to the unpredictable nature of the game, and that keeps things pretty loose throughout each play session.

This week's episode shows the crew making our way through some low-level missions. We may be beginners, but we're bonafide killers!!!*

(*Note: We kill ourselves, mostly.)

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