Should You Watch Yona of the Dawn?



This funny light-hearted series has just the right amount of fantasy, drama, and action. The main character will annoy you at first, but she grows on you. The other characters are all funny and unique, and possess a cool range of powers and abilities. You'll find yourself rooting for a displaced princess and her posse, but also rooting for one of the warriors as a love interest. Romance not your thing? You will still enjoy the action and comedy.



The sheltered, peaceful life of a naive princess is shot to hell when her weakling emperor father is assassinated. Barely escaping with their lives, she and her long-time bodyguard build a special-forces unit to protect the kingdom during their travels.

Thumbs Up

  • Heart-warming and hilarious.
  • Unique characters with special traits and abilities.
  • Drawn into the plot.

Thumbs Down

  • Main character annoyingly innocent and naive. 
  • Who is the real villain here?