Should You Watch Usagi Drop?



Tired of watching tween shows riddled with boobs and panty shots? Usagi Drop is a REFRESHING break of animated reality. Parents and non-parents alike can appreciate this light-hearted drama, and will love the characters and what develops between them. Kids are actually kids, and actually do kid things, which is sure to make you smile and laugh. The grown-ups...well...will be grown-ups.



A single, 30-something-year-old man suddenly takes care of his gandpa’s love-child after the old man dies. How the hell will he adjust to raising a 5-year-old girl?

Thumbs Up

  • The coldest, iciest heart will melt.
  • Top-notch family/community support.
  • Kids beings kids.
  • Real life.

Thumbs Down

  • Real life.