Should You Watch Toriko?



Food! This series is centered around it, and is choc full of drool-inducing adventures that will definitely give you a new perspective on food. You will also the love the characters, and their wild adventures. This show is equally packed with laughs, and action that is sure to spike your adrenaline. It can best be described as Dragon Ball Z meets Hunter x Hunter in a food-obsessed universe. Who doesn't love eating?



A gourmet hunter and rising chef living in an age centered around food travel together to find ultimate ingredients while stepping up their own skills. Along the way, they meet and team up with other powerfully skilled legends to stop an enemy intent on monopolizing every ingredient known and unknown. 

Thumbs Up

  • Food.
  • Very creative concepts.
  • Best bromance duo ever.
  • Calorie-burning laughter.
  • Crazy hype action and level-ups.
  • Great characters!
  • Educational.

Thumbs Down

  • Your beastly inner glutton awakens with full-blown unending hunger.

Bon Appetit!