Should You Watch the Legend of the Legendary Heroes?



This series contains some amazingly animated, but epically violent action that will leave you in awe with your mouth gaping wide-open. Besides the top-notch action, the main character will grow on you, and give you a steady stream of laughs. If you like bloody jaw-dropping magic action sprinkled with funny and political scheming a la Game of Thrones, then Legendary Heroes is right up your alley. 



A king's bastard succeeds the throne, and uses a lazy bum who was born with a terrible uncontrollable power as well as others to help him keep control of his throne and country. Each is given a specific duty: find legendary magic items, military protection, seek out and assassinate threats.

Thumbs Up

  • Impossible to NOT laugh.
  • Bloody violent action = gaping in silence
  • Complex plot and developments.

Thumbs Down

  • Mysteries remain mysteries.
  • Weird ending.