Should You Watch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time?



This doesn’t look like a sci-fi flick, but it is. Our heroine is beyond hilarious, her family is cool, and her friends are goofy and likable. The plot twists will shock you, and the ending will leave you satisfied. This movie is way cool, and totally worth your time. 


  • DVD


A high school girl lives day-to-day with her two loyal friends and loving family. One day, she mistakenly discovers the ability to time travel, and exploits the hell out of it to fulfill her every whim. However, there are consequences that she must face, and resolve if possible. 

Thumbs Up

  • Funny and light-hearted.
  • Great characters.
  • Cool spin on time travel.
  • Interesting plot twists.
  • Nice ending. 

Thumbs Down

  • Sad ending.