Should You Watch Ouran High School Host Club?



This will be one the the funniest series you watch, EVER. No matter how hardcore you are, you will never stop laughing at the crazy, cross-dressing, conceited antics that happen. Beware: Some things will possibly make you uncomfortable, but that just adds to the flare. You can always rely on anime to push the boundaries!



A girl mistaken for a boy is recruited by an all-boys club that flatters and caters to fellow female students. Surprisingly, she is a hit with the ladies, all while keeping her gender secret, and attracting her fellow club members.

Thumbs Up

  • Literally laugh the entire time.
  • Unique characters with surprising traits and abilities.

Thumbs Down

  • Warning: The most taboo family relationships ever.
  • Plot, meh.

Laugh Away!