Should You Watch One Week Friends?



It’s a nice break from the usual stuff with its interesting take on mental problems. Might seem boring at first, but you slowly get into it as a boy and girl struggle through a tough situation. It’s very sweet and laid back, and will make you both sad and amused. Take it, or leave it? Take it, and you’ll be rooting for them; leave it, and you won’t feel guilty you’re passing up on anything spectacular. 



A boy works up the nerve to approach a socially distant female classmate. She rejects his advances, but eventually gives in. On the road to genuine friendship, she reveals a heartbreaking condition that leaves him in a very difficult situation. However, the two struggle through it and find a way to cope that has surprisingly good results. Just when it seems her condition can be permanently reversed, an unexpected transfer has an unexpected impact. 

Thumbs Up

  • Likable characters.
  • Nice simple animation.
  • Slowly but surely the story sucks you in.

Thumbs Down

  • Slow, but not that bad at all.

Give It a Shot.