Should You Watch Nobunaga the Fool?



Trending with a fusion of historical figures and mechs, this show is definitely a hodgepodge of both real and fictional people. Nevertheless, you get drawn into the story at first, and enjoy some of the action scenes. The story begins to nosedive until the end where you're left feeling empty. After all is said and done, it’s not worth a minute of your time. 



A young man and a young woman from two different worlds share one another’s dreams. They somehow end up meeting in the man's homeworld, and become involved in some conspiracy to dominate his planet. They, along with other allies team up to thwart the take-over. However, the power used to do so could leave the world in ruin.

Thumbs Up

  • Semi-interesting characters.
  • Some good battles. 

Thumbs Down

  • You don't even know who, or what, is going on anymore.
  • Ending = eternal black void of nothingness.
  • Pointless waste of time.