Should You Watch No Game No Life?



No Game No Life caters to all nerds, both gamers and non-gamers. There’s nothing quite like seeing a stuck-up opponent get out-witted and shat on. Despite the lack of brawn you’ll definitely appreciate the brain and strategic power showcased by this odd pair of gamer siblings. Just a heads up: It's a little weird on the eyes at first, but once you adjust to the visuals it looks amazing.



Completely withdrawn from the world (a.k.a. hikikomori) an undefeated brother-sister gamer duo are invited to another dimension by the God of Games, a place where everyone's lives are led by the outcomes of games. A paradise for the siblings, they put their gaming skills to the test against all manner of beasts and beings.

Thumbs Up

  • Great display of brains and wit.
  • Interesting gaming universe and characters.
  • Laughs abound.
  • Cool story.

Thumbs Down

  • Odd sibling relationship.

Game On!