Should You Watch Nisekoi?

Yeah, lol.


It’s highly entertaining to watch a young guy fumble his way through adolescence, school, and dating. It's like watching a survival game where he is thrown onto an island of amazons. You laugh at his struggles, but you also feel for the guy. His childhood mystery will draw you in, and leave you scratching your head the entire time. 



A teenaged boy and girl are forced to fake a relationship by their fathers who are the heads of international gangs, all in an effort to avoid an all out war. They grudgingly do as their told, despite hating each others’ guts. Throw in a few more girls and the two find themselves in a romantic mess. 

Thumbs Up

  • LMFAO!
  • Interesting mystery and plot twists.
  • Bright, artsy visuals.
  • Fun complex characters.

Thumbs Down

  • On-going mystery gets more complicated.