Should You Watch Mushi-shi?



Mushi-shi is a unique and refreshing take on weird and creepy. This show is perfect if you’re drawn to mysterious, strange and eerie things. No developing plot makes it easy to watch in any order while maintaining simple, but beautiful story-telling. This is a series for those times when you want to relax with a good story that doesn't overwhelm the senses. Otherwise, if you want white-knuckled action, belly-aching laughs, or intense "feels", this is NOT it. 



Phantom-like creatures of various shapes and sizes called Mushi exist on another plane not seen by normal humans; however, some can and are trained to be Mushi-shi, a type of traveling “medicine man” that diagnoses and prescribes methods to “cure” the effects of Mushi on people.

Thumbs Up

  • Visually beautiful and simple.
  • Unique stories and concept.
  • Pleasantly creepy and weird.

Thumbs Down

  • Not always a happy ending.