Should You Watch Mononoke?



If you like all things dark, creepy, horrific, and mysterious, but want something visually different, Mononoke fits the bill: a supernatural mystery with a touch of eccentric artistry. The stories are unique, and incredibly creepy, and while unraveling the strangest of mysteries, you will find the Medicine Seller himself is a big mystery. 



A spin-off for the “medicine seller” from Ayakashi Samurai Tales: the Bakeneko story, you travel with this mysterious man to different times and places where he solves unusual mysteries, and comes head-to-head with mononoke, spirits of the dead turned dark. 

Thumbs Up

  • Feast for the eyes.
  • Creepy as hell.
  • Great horror stories and plot twists.

Thumbs Down

  • Wishing for another season.