Should You Watch Mekakucity Actors?



Weird as it is, it makes for decent entertainment up to a point. The characters are unusual and funny, and the story isn’t boring per se. Just as you think it's coming together, it takes a random ass turn into the twilight zone, and leaves you feeling lost at the end. You can pass the time with this series, but don’t expect anything great. You could easily skip this without batting an eyelash. 



Through a series of seemingly random events, a young guy with public anxiety, his AI, an idol, and a secret group of extraordinary youngsters cross paths. In time, this group comes together to solve the strange mystery behind one of their members. What they discover could void out their entire existence. 

Thumbs Up

  • Interesting characters.
  • Bright lively animation.

Thumbs Down

  • Story takes a ridiculous turn.
  • You don’t know what hell is going.
  • The explanations don’t help.
  • At this point the ending doesn’t even matter. 

Your Call.