Should You Watch Mardock Scramble?



If you’re looking for a well-animated, twisted, dark sci-fi drama with weird concepts, hardcore action, and the cutest kickass wearable sidekick, Murdock Scramble does it for you. This dazzling, but serious 3-part series pushes the limits and dives into the dark and demented, which is sure to keep you feeling uncomfortable while taking it all in. The best way to describe it: Ghost in the Shell meets 007 in Casino Royale. 



A girl with a rough life wakes up in a lab after being murdered. As the product of a special biotech program, she teams up with her doctor and a cute but deadly mouse to bring down her murderer. 

Thumbs Up

  • Beyond cool sci-fi concepts.
  • Very well-animated.
  • Hardcore action.
  • Interesting complex characters AND subject matter.

Thumbs Down

  • Odd ending.