Should You Watch Magi?

Definitely Yes!


You will NOT be able to take your eyes off this amazing display of Arabian lore, except when you are crouched over in belly-aching laughter. The visuals and animation are amazing, especially during scenes of intense action. You will enjoy every moment with this pint-sized pervert, and the friends and frenemies he meets during his adventures. 



A little boy with a boob fetish doesn’t know how or where he came from. However, he befriends a genie and together they travel the world meeting and befriending all sorts of people. Along the way, the mysterious little boy with growing magic abilities is being thought to be the reincarnation of a very power being.

Thumbs Up

  • Epic story and adventures.
  • Awesome array of characters and abilities.
  • Crazy visuals and animation.

Thumbs Down

  • Wishing it NEVER ends.