Should You Watch Knights of Sidonia?

Fracking Yes!


You don't have to be a trekkie or Battlestar Galactica groupie to love this. Brought to you by Netflix, this sci-fi series has a seriously weird alien threat. On top of that, humans have adapted in really cool and strange ways. This man vs aliens show is sure to take your attention hostage with its cool plot and well-animated visuals. Just when you think things couldn’t get more weird, it does.



The remnants of mankind live in space. A young guy raised in isolation finds himself forced to leave the underground due to hunger. After he’s reincorporated into society, he is put into a military pilot program where his piloting skills are recognized. Soon, he and his peers are face-to-face with aliens hellbent on destroying what’s left of mankind. The thing is, no one knows why the aliens are hunting them, and the enemy’s bizarre changes are just as unsettling.

Thumbs Up

  • Very addictive story.
  • Cool visuals and animation.
  • Strange human evolution.
  • Even more strange aliens.

Thumbs Down

  • Dying for the next season to come out.