Should You Watch Kill la Kill?



Cartoony art style and annoyingly raunchy costumes aside, this show is still entertaining with its quirky characters and interesting plot twists. This unique story does seem to veer off into ridiculousness, but the action is still worth watching if you’re looking for something to get by. Moral of the story: Man makes the clothes, clothes don't make the man.

Or do they?



In a city ruled by a business family, an orphaned teenage girl is out for blood to avenge her father’s death. She is lead to an ultra strict academy run by the daughter of a corporate tycoon. After facing each other in numerous battles they come to realize that something even more sinister is brewing, and that they both share the same history and fate. 

Thumbs Up

  • Unique concept and story.
  • Interesting plot twists.
  • Great action.
  • Funny.
  • Nice ending.

Thumbs Down

  • Story gets a little ridiculous.
  • Sexy bordering on HO-rifically raunchy.

Pass the time.