Should You Watch Hunter x Hunter?



Don't be fooled by the first couple episodes. This Hunter x Hunter remake is real gansta, and steps it up by providing some sick animated action and unique (sometimes disturbing) characters with amazing abilities , all while being the perfect balance of humor, action, adventure, and fantasy. You will easily find yourself marathoning this epic series; a perfect Naruto/One Piece cocktail.



A young boy follows in the footsteps of his absent, deadbeat father to become a Hunter of rare items, and to find his dad. During his adventures he befriends Hunters and non-Hunters alike, and together they train, compete, and confront powerful enemies. 

Thumbs Up

  • Amazing cast of characters.
  • Mega cool abilities.
  • One of the best bromance duos ever.
  • Great stories!

Thumbs Down

  • Ending leaves much to be desired.