Should You Watch Diabolik Lovers?



An annoyingly innocent, weak and pathetic heroine is basically bullied and gang raped by a bunch of dudes she’s forcing herself to live with. The plot sucks balls, and the ending is crap. An epically awesome turnaround in a second season will NEVER redeem this trash story. The only thing going for it is hot (douchey) guys and short episodes.



A frail weakling of a girl has been arranged by her late father to stay in a house full of agressive bloodsuckers as their mealticket and plaything. However, there’s more to her than she or any one of the guys realize. As things unfold, they begin to put the pieces together. Revenge is a bitch. 

Thumbs up

  • Short episodes means less of your time wasted.

Thumbs Down

  • Shitty story.
  • Shitty characters.
  • For tween vampire groupies.
  • Blood rape.

Move on.