Should You Watch Deadman Wonderland?



This disturbingly bloody take on a maximum security prison will definitely hook you. Graphic punishments are the deeds of the day for unique inmates with odd powers. The reason behind it all is baffling, but will surely keep your attention to see what else happens at this freaky sideshow prison.



A young boy is accused of mass murder and sentenced to a privately owned prison. During his incarceration, he meets a ditzy albino girl of the same age who wanders around the facility freely. His survival is dependent on consuming a special candy, and winning deadly battles with other inmates including some who have the same peculiar, but fatal ability as he does. He fights for his life and his innocence with hopes of seeing the outside world again.

Thumbs Up

  • Weird concept of prison.
  • Disturbing and bizarre punishments.
  • Addictive mysteries.
  • Great animation.
  • Interesting characters.

Thumbs Down

  • Unsolved mysteries.
  • The end. Now what?