Should You Watch Black Lagoon?



If you like the gritty, vulgar, and hardcore look no further than this criminal underworld series. You get some unique badass characters, and intense gun-slinging action that is sure to keep you hooked. You’ll never get bored with this series that showcase some of the most gangsta anime femme fatales you’ll ever see. 



An average Japanese businessman is caught up in a criminal arrangement set up by his corporate superiors, and soon finds himself “dead”. With nowhere to go he tags along with the “delivery” crew that took him captive. From there he gets sucked into the international criminal underworld as the latest member of a shady delivery service.  

Thumbs Up

  • Action-packed to the max.
  • Interesting stories.
  • Badass characters.
  • Hilariously vulgar.
  • Diversity.

Thumbs Down

  • Some annoyingly stubborn character traits.

Lock and Load!