Should You Watch Another?



This series is a deliciously horrific take on psychological thrillers. The beginning is incredibly eerie, and you think you’re watching a ghost story. Things unfold, and they are not what they seem at all. This show is beyond creepy, and the plot twists are sure to keep you hooked with your jaw on the floor all the way to the bloody end.



A transfer student is disturbed by the entire school's blatant avoidance of a mysterious quiet female classmate. Upon hearing of a class curse, things take an eerie turn as he gets to know this ghost-like girl. Soon, horrific events start taking place, and everyone scrambles to find a way to stop the curse.

Thumbs Up

  • Freakishly creepy and disturbing.
  • Awesome plot twists.
  • Did I mention bloody?

Thumbs Down

  • Did I mention bloody?


(if you dare)