Should You Watch Akame Ga Kill?



This series does a freaking good job of grabbing your attention right off the bat. The action is great, and the comedy is sure to make you laugh. Also, you grow to love the characters, and because of that you stick with them to the very end. Just prepare to be heartbroken along the way, and disappointed at the end.



A young village swordsman finds himself recruited into a rebel organization after his friends are tortured and killed. This event opens his eyes to the corruption that festers in the country’s capital, and together with his newly found comrades they diligently work to dismantle the oppressing corrupt government. 

Thumbs Up

  • Great set of characters and abilities.
  • Interesting story right from start.
  • Good animation.
  • Attractive battles. 
  • Funny.

Thumbs Down

  • Deaths.
  • Disappointing battle match-ups.
  • Lame ending.

Go Ahead. Kill Time.