Short Takes - King's Quest: Snow Place Like Home | Chapter 4

After another long hiatus, the fourth installment of the episodic King's Quest series has finally arrived. Does this episode measure up to the rest in terms of quality? Read on to find out.

Title: King's Quest: Snow Place Like Home
Developer: The Odd Gentlemen
Platforms: Multiplat
Price: $9.99 (Per Episode), $39.99 (Complete Collection)

What Is It? 

Snow Place Like Home is the latest installment in developer The Odd Gentlemen's revival of King's Quest, the classic Sierra Games adventure series. It continues the saga of King Graham as he recounts his adventures throughout his lifetime. In this episode, King Graham tells the story of the time when he and his family were reunited with Alexander, their long lost son who was kidnapped as a baby. After departing on a celebratory family vacation, the Graham clan ends up getting caught in a dangerous labyrinth filled with puzzles and traps. Lessons are learned and family bonds are strengthened as they work together to escape. 

My Thoughts

This episode stands out in a couple of different ways. First of all, it does not feature any of the major story-altering choices that the previous installments presented. That said, this is still a very narrative-focused affair. Secondly, there is a much greater emphasis on puzzle solving here than in any of the preceding episodes. Given that I love puzzle solving in games, Snow Place Like Home was right up my alley. 


From a narrative standpoint, there is quite a bit going on in Episode Four. I enjoyed the family dynamic between Graham, his wife, his daughter, and his estranged son. For example, Alexander has trouble adapting to his new life, as his father's love of puns and puzzles is completely foreign to him. The two of them are forced to work through their differences as they try to escape a dangerous situation. Add to this the emotional story of the present-day kingdom of Daventry that is used as a framing device, wherein the royal family prepares for the loss of their dear king. 

The puzzles found throughout the episode are interesting as well. In particular, the final puzzle had me scratching my head until I was finally able to work through it. The voice acting work is fantastic as usual, with Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as the elderly King Graham. 

What I Played

I've played through the entire episode from start to finish. 

Should You Buy It?

I can definitely recommend Snow Place Like Home, as I have with the rest of the episodes in the King's Quest revival. It has some great puzzles, as well as some interesting story developments. It also seemed to last a bit longer than the previous installments, which is a good thing in my opinion. As Episode 5 has already been announced, it won't be long before we finally get to experience the finale of this fine series.