Short Pause Gaming Podcast #90: The Rumored Nintendo Duo, Xbox's NPD Win Streak & Does PSVR Deliver The Goods?

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Short Pause Gaming Podcast! The fellas come out from under their PlayStation VR headsets to discuss the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. Topics this week include:

  • PlayStation VR Impressions - After years of waiting, PlayStation VR has finally arrived! The guys had a chance to go under the mask, and they share their impressions of the device's launch day lineup, as well as the hardware overall. Is PlayStation VR the future of gaming?
  • Latest NX Rumors - A fresh batch of Nintendo NX rumors surfaced this past week (what else is new?), as fans still eagerly await some official news on the device from the Big N themselves. Highlights include the rumored name of "Nintendo Duo," and a price point likely to fall somewhere between $299-$399. Should this price be considered a "major disappointment?" Plus, one investment firm thinks the NX will be unveiled this week!
  • Destiny Update Raises the Light Level - The Wrath of the Machine Raid gets its Heroic Mode this Tuesday, and Bungie's shared-world shooter is getting a fan-friendly update alongside it. Guardians will now have a wealth of new options with which to raise their Light Level to Raid-ready levels. Will the fellas be able to fight their way through Wrath of the Machine this week?
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda Could Be Releasing in March - An Amazon listing for a Mass Effect art book says it's releasing "simultaneously" with the game in March. Is this a simple copy error, or is this our first legitimate hint as to the eagerly anticipated game's release date? 
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is Announced - The next expansion to Square Enix's MMORPG epic has been announced for Summer 2017, and its teaser trailer looks pretty rad. What can fans expect when the expansion drops next year?
  • Debating Review Scores - A listener letter has the guys discussing the price of the Xbox Scorpio, media bias in games journalism, and the problem with review scores in the industry. Might we see a time when all sites just do away with review scores and focus on the text of the review?
  • Plus, this week's new releases and much, much MORE!
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