Short Pause Gaming Podcast #88: Gears of War 4 Hype & Destiny 2's First Info: Bungie's Big Plans and Our Concerns

Frankie and Bender are out this week, meaning Brent and Ben are left to run the pick-and-roll (that's a basketball reference, Frankie) themselves as they talk the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. Topics this week include:

  • Gears of War 4 Releases on Friday - The seminal and ground-breaking third-person shooter series sees its first current-gen installment hit when Gears of War 4 releases early to those who preordered one of the game's Limited or Ultimate Editions on Friday. How has the Gears of War franchise impacted the video game industry over the last 9 years?
  • Destiny 2's First Info - Kotaku's Jason Schreier revealed what he's heard about the upcoming and eagerly anticipated sequel to Bungie's shared world shooter this past week, and Destiny fans seemingly have a lot to be excited about. That said, what concerns will longtime players have with what's been reported about the game so far?
  • Destiny 2 Info Corroborated - Reliable industry insider Shinobi602 also chimed in with what he's heard concerning Destiny 2, corroborating much of what Kotaku has reported, as well as revealing a few interesting tidbits of his own. With what we've now heard, is Bungie heading in the write direction narratively with Destiny 2, and how will the rumored "play-in destinations" change the game?
  • NES Mini Info - We got some good news and some bad news concerning Nintendo's quirky little box of nostalgia this past week. The good news? Save states, digital manuals, and pixel perfect graphical settings. The bad news? The controller cords are extremely short and you have to hit the reset button on the console to switch between games. Why not just make the controller cords just a tad bit longer, Nintendo?
  • No Man's Sky in the News Again - A UK advertising board is investigating No Man's Sky in regards to claims of false advertising, mostly due to a series of images on the game's Steam Page. How might this affect Hello Games and No Man's Sky moving forward, and what's the endgame with this investigation?
  • Sundered Sounds Incredible - Sundered is the new game from Thunder Lotus, the developers behind the critically-acclaimed Jotun. Beautiful hand-drawn art, a metroidvania-style adventure, and gigantic, epic boss battles? Sign us up! Is this game destined to be even better than Jotun
  • Plus, this week's new releases and much, much MORE!
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