Short Pause Gaming Podcast #81: Rise of Iron Details, NX Release Schedule, & Our Impressions of PSVR and Brut@l!

Another week, another episode of the Short Pause Gaming Podcast! Brent's back, and he joins Ben and Bender to talk the latest and greatest in the world of video games! Topics this week include:

  • Destiny: Rise of Iron Revealed - Game Informer's cover story this month is Destiny: Rise of Iron, and they've got all of the details regarding the latest expansion to Bungie's sci-fi shooter. New areas, new weapons, a revamped Artifact system, a new max Light level, and more await Destiny fans come September 20th. With news that the majority of Bungie is now working full speed ahead on Destiny 2, is the last big expansion will see for the shared-world-shooter's inaugural entry? When might we see Destiny 2?
  • NX to Get ZeldaMario, and Pokemon Within the System's First Six Months - A new report out of MCV has not only corroborated what Eurogamer revealed about the NX last week, but has asserted that ZeldaMario, and Pokemon will all make an appearance on the new system within six months of release. How possible is it we see all of these heavy hitters early on in the NX life cycle? And, is Nintendo targeting the right audience with the NX?
  • Quakecon 2016 - Prey and Quake Champions both got some time in the spotlight during the annual id celebration this past weekend, and both appear to be shaping up nicely. Is there a chance we'll see Quake Champions make its way over to home consoles?
  • Outlast 2 has been Delayed - Outlast is one of the best horror experiences available on current-gen platforms, and the wait for the second one just got a little bit longer as Outlast 2 has been delayed until Q1 2017. Is it going to be possible for this one to top its predecessor? 
  • Our Impressions of PlayStation VR and Brut@l - Brent got has hands on a PlayStation VR headset, and he lets the fellas know just how much longer the wait until October 13th is going to be now. The guys also talk Brut@l, Stormcloud Games' stylish new rogue-like dungeon crawler due out Tuesday. Find out why this is a title gamers should have their eyes on. 
  • Plus, this week's new releases and much, much MORE!

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